The Local Velodrome


Those who live in the Los Angeles and don’t ride the encino velodrome are missing out on all the eventfulness that is our track bicycle battle field. The beauties of riding with friends/ family and testing out our skill is just the tip of the ice berg. I have made the best of friends here and greatest of rivalries. Though I ride this track alone the familiar faces make it feel like I’m in a team.


The calm before the storm with racing…you never know who is giving it their all or not giving anything at all. Don’t be alarmed when a break away happens. Being prepared is very important, Some can have a basic plan of attack and others can really make it difficult to keep that top position.


Pace lines have been my best friend and my worst enemy. Take your pulls but be sure to know how your body reacts towards being in front. I’ve made mistakes with this assuming I could take the wind for laps on end and gassing out on the final lap. Listen to your body and keep a calm mind. It’s beautiful when you see a pace line form so keep the beauty by being consistent with your speed and stability. Those in your line trust your actions so don’t hesitate when losing speed.12493_10203181852727652_3777161416246755443_n

If you ever race a slow race never have a high gearing that you can’t wind up. In this picture I’m running a 50×13 and I lost the race because I couldn’t pick up speed fast enough. I took it as a learning experience like every race. Always remember to be prepared.


Those who practice a flying 200 encino style and those who don’t… I for one need to brush up in this art form. This is not something you can pick up easily. Its all technique and I for one need to practice. I love sprinting but this is not my thing haha.


When a race is won always look at what you could have done better. the final execution should always be analyzed and ask those who where your foes for advice because if you can see from this picture I could have easily lost.


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