The Longest Mile Up North: Day 3


Day of the race me and my friends wake up from our Airbnb and begin prepping for the race. I was excited to wear my team colors and get the Pure Fix team name out there to a different group of cyclists. When I was changing my friends ditched me for registration forcing me to rush, I was bugging out that I was ditched but managed to find the start of the race.


Once I made it to the sign up location the race organized told me that I was a few minutes to late! Not surprised in making it late, I asked the organizer if he was still accepting entries and luckily he was. So the race begins with me riding down some San Francisco hill and skitching up the hills with the assistance of some cars. I never really thought being late was going to be the end of me getting a podium so I stuck to my instincts and pedaled away. My garmin and my phone where both dead so I had no maps to navigate through the race. Once I reached the first check point I saw a few of my home town friends and followed them to the second check point. From there we had to pack a sand bag into our backpack and race with some extra baggage. Losing my LA based friends I managed to find  an Oakland based messenger who kind of knew where he was going but not exactly. after hitting the third check point with the guy I see a cyclist in the distance and make a break for the rider ahead. The break worked and the guy I was following would later help me in securing a podium finish.


For the last 4 check points me and my new race partner would run red light, zoom through cars, fight the elements and lastly grab another sand bag for a final race sprint. We where making good ground since he knew the area pretty well but the sand bags where so heavy that we had to be really careful. At one point we caught up to Chas from MashSF, but he was already leaving to the finish when we caught up. On the final check point I took second place  and my partner took third.

This race was not a joke .. I was sore for days because of the sand bags that I had to carry..I wouldn’t take back how my adventure went.. it was an awesome experience and hope to have many more this year.


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