Fork In The Road Alley Cat


Weeks before even wanting to throw an event I was hanging out with a few friends sipping on some J and ginger ale when an idea struck me like lighting to an antenna. I should throw an alley cat race, but not any alley cat race. I’m not into thinking like a basic ass foo.. I wanted creativity and I also wanted to make people carry something memorable. Right after a few drinks and some laughs with friends I finally realize how the race would play out….


Knowing that I’d be a one man show with some volunteers helping me along the way I was determined. I procrastinated at times but the job got done! I found the check points needed, manifests where printed, and lastly forks where donated. The final step was to get some awesome sponsors. After pitching the idea many big name companies jumped the bang wagon like Kryptonite, Factory 5, God and Famous, and even Cadence…


Day of the race me and the homie Ryan met up early so that we could start planting the bicycle forks on main streets within the hollywood and west hollywood area.The goal was to plant 50 forks for 50 locations but we only had enough time to get 40/50 of them in the streets.


The more my idea came to life the more excited I got for the end result. Of all the alley cats I’ve raced the competitors are always happy in the end of it. My conclusion being that not all races need to be serious, sometimes you need to take the mask off and show some real expressions. In this case, learn to have fun.


When arriving to the meet spot people where slowly creeping in. Many familiar people and some new faces turned to me for a manifest but I held it until 30 minutes before starting time. Sadly only two girls came to my race, hoping for a bigger female turn out I can only try harder so that more women racers can see the excitement in my events!


Once the manifests where handed out many quickly started making routes so that they could snag the most forks possible! It was interesting to see all the different routes people would make.


The calm before the storm…….


With out any hesitation I told everyone to get on their bikes because the two hour time limit has began. They only had those two hours to grab as many forks that could be found so that the winner can be crowned King or Queen of forks!


As expected Esme came back with a fork claiming the women’s 1st place podium spot! She was excited about the race and from that smile on her face I can see that she had a good ride.


NYC-LA rider Johnnie Snagged 4 forks claiming the 3rd place spot! The smile on this guy when he came back was priceless. People got hit by cars, some fell, and others never came back, but not this guy… This is an example of having fun while riding bikes. Take notes people


Joaquin Surprised me the most, He managed to grab 5 forks earlier then the 2nd place holder. This guy has been riding with me for a while and I’m proud to say that he has always shown a true reason for cycling. To be happy and make new friends along this bike ride called life. Great job for the 1st place!


Chris was a rider that I never met before but he proved his skills on the street by snagging 5 forks claiming the 2nd place position. Its all about patience and choosing the right path and this dude totally killed it.


The podium looked strong and the winners deserved their prizes for making it in one peace! Congrats to those who competed! I a very happy for the turn out and I thank all the sponsors for making this even even possible.


Pure Fix Cycles
Hidden Agenda CO.
elohssa cycling
Kushtown Society
Factory 5
God & Famous


And for the future…remember those days you hung out with friends and had an idea or vision for a better future. That idea is already tangible because if you can think it you can surely manifest it. Believe in yourself and what the power of determination can create because who knows, one day you might be with a crowd of people hold bicycle fork that have a significant meaning to them.

Live, Long, and Prosper.


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